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                August/September 2012

New Releases
Inventing Love
Alexandra Evans is a female inventor. Unusual, unconventional, assertive, and definitely not a lady. Lord Weston Grendal is your typical London gentleman. Dependable, stiff, stuffy and out of place in America. When they are thrown together to build a killing machine they must decide if the price of the innocent is worth their own freedom. Together they can re-invent love, but apart? Does love stand a chance?


Woodcutter’s Grim Series
Classic Tales of Horror Retold, Volume II
For the ten generations since the evil first came to Woodcutter’s Grim, the Guardians have sworn an oath to protect the town from the childhood horrors that lurk in the black woods. Without them, the town would be defenseless…and the terrors would escape to the world at large.


The Fifteenth Letter
Book 3 of the Falcon’s Bend Series
Sins of the father...
For the past fifteen years, on the anniversary of his arrest for armed robbery, Zeke Carfi has received a threatening letter signed by the wife of his deceased partner in crime. Zeke's daughter Amber, Falcon's Bend Police Department's newest patrol officer, has spent fifteen years holding onto a secret that could further condemn the father she'd worshiped as a child. When Zeke is released on parole, Amber finds herself questioning everything she's ever believed. Is Zeke the good man she once knew? How could the father who'd made her the center of his world for the first seven years of her life be a criminal? Is it possible to turn from a life a crime, or is it true that once a criminal always a criminal? Their reconciliation is cut short when Amber discovers the fifteenth letter...and the key to a fifteen-year mystery that could lead to murder.


Rings of Paradise
August 24th
One man’s quest to find the truth. One woman’s desire for more in life. A mistress that won’t let go.
Dear Reader,
I’m not much on putting words to paper, action is more up my alley. I’m Flame, the reigning champion in the Universal Wrestling World (UWW). So why am I here?
I grew up in a wrestling family and cut my teeth on the squared circle, which by the way is the only “lady” I trust any more.
I’ve gone and bought out a small press magazine in Madison, Wisconsin that was going nowhere fast, hired a woman by the name of Khristen Roberts, who according to the editor-in-chief is untrained and wants nothing more than to be a journalist.
Okay, I’m a sucker in helping people out, it’s my one weakness, if I have any. Problem is she’s on vacation in Hawaii. I’ve got to catch up with her somewhere along the line for her to join up with me and the UWW. I just hope Khristen is up for the ride…it’s always a trip.
Yours truly,
The Flame


Vermont Bound
Kindle Edition
Turk Donatelli, a poor, but ambitious boy from Vermont, jumped into the real estate development game in the Southeast. He made millions while still in his 20s—but not without some brushes with the Miami Beach Mob. Turk pulled out to care for his wife who’s diagnosed with a degenerative disease, but his dwindling bank balance prompts him to get back into the high stakes — high risk world when mob-connected Niko Pappas, “Porno King of the South,” recruits him to manage his Atlanta-area construction projects. Soon Turk is caught in a triple bind and must walk the razor’s edge to take care of his family, outsmart Niko’s double cross, and serve up the mobster to the feds. Is the FBI’s Witness Protection Program the next stop? Or can Turk Donatelli make his Vermont plan work?

Newly Contracted
Callie Hutton
Daniel's Desire - a Civil War novella
Release Date TBA
Crimson Romance
Entranced Publishing
Title Shadow Born by Nicole Camp
Release Date 4-1-13
Title Pride Goeth Before by Eden Plantz
Release Date 4-29-13
Title Only You by Lorna Peel
Release Date 4-8-13
Title Legally Undercover by Rachel Kall
Release Date 4-22-13
Title Spirit World by Krystalyn Drown
Release Date 4-15-13
Title Goal by Bellamy Black
Release Date 5-13-13
Woodcutter’s Grim Series
A four-book miniseries within the Woodcutter’s Grim Series, dealing with the curse on the Shaussegeny family. Includes “Moonlight Becomes You” (Book 4), “Bewitched” (Book 5), “One Night of Eternity” (Book 6), and “Beauty is the Beast” (Book 7).
5 Stars and Top Pick from The Romance Reviews!
The Fifteenth Letter
5 stars from Huntress Reviews, 5 cups from Coffee Time Reviews, 5 pixies from Dark Angel Reviews, 5 stars from The Romance Studio and 5 sweetheart award winner

© In September 2012, Karen Wiesner will be interviewed at The Romance Studio with the release of WOODCUTTER’S GRIM SERIES, Volume II collection.
Lorna and Larry Collins
© August 18 - 1:00-3:00 p.m.: 
         The Book Corral
         25571 Jeronimo Rd, Suite 4
         Mission Viejo, CA 92691
         (949) 855-8054
© August 25 – 11:00-4:00 p.m.:
         Double Book Launch and More
         25441 Neptune Drive
         Dana Point, CA 92629
         (949) 240-3477
         Drop in and say hello. Take a look at Larry’s new book, Lakeview Park and Lorna’s brand new release Ghost Writer. Celebrate Lorna’s ‘official’ retirement – and her birthday!
         Food, fun, fellowship. Bring a friend.
© August 19, September 2 – 10:00-4:00
         Orange County Great Park Farmers’ Market
         6990 Marine Way
               Irvine, CA 92618
         Come and meet the authors!
© September 15 – 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
         Laguna Woods Village
         Clubhouse Seven
         24111 Moulton Parkway
         Laguna Woods, CA 92637
         Crafts, Decorations, Gifts, Clothing, Jewelry, Books, Art, and More! There will be a raffle to benefit the Belaire Children’s Home. Tickets will be sold at the event.
Radine Trees Nehring
© August 17 – 10:00-4:00
         T. Charleston Books in Grand Village Shops
         2800 Highway 76
         Branson, MO
         signing and chat with readers.
© August 25, 11-00-3:00
         Trolley Line Books
         110 W. Walnut
         Rogers, AR
         signing and chat with readers during the Frisco Festival.
© August 31, Sept. 1 and 3, 10:00-4:00
         Harps Food Market on 2d Street
         Rogers, AR
         signing and chat with readers.
         (This is the sanctuary store mentioned in A FAIR TO DIE FOR. )

Rings of Paradise

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