Sunday, February 17, 2013

February - March 2013

New Releases
The Surprising Enchantress
Book III of Kae Elle Wheeler’s Cinderella Series
A dainty foot means nothing when one’s eyes flutter enough to change the weather. A deterrent to any prospective intended!
~ ~ ~ ~
Emma's Journey
Now that Emma Thorpe’s husband has been killed on the wagon train to Oregon, she wants to return to Indiana, but the wagon master has forced her to marry Wagon Scout, Davis Cooper. He wants to make their marriage work; she intends to flee as soon as they arrive at their destination.
Fallen From Grace
Sylvester Tilghman, the third in his family to serve, is sheriff of the small Pennsylvania town of Arahpot, a generally peaceful place as the 19th century winds to a close. His biggest problems are lack of a deputy and the refusal of his girlfriend to marry him despite many proposals. Then tranquility of his life shattered by the mysterious deaths of two strangers. Sylvester is plunged into a flurry of unusual activity and danger. And Lydia is pushing her obnoxious cousin on him as a candidate for deputy. Things continue going from bad to worse until Sylvester finally unravels the mystery.
~ ~ ~ ~
Entranced Publishing: Beginning March 4th, Entranced Publishing will be releasing Entranced Extras—free tales from Entranced Authors.
New Contracts
Choose Your Heart by Callie Hutton, contemporary romance novella, The Wild Rose Press.
Five 5-star reviews on Amazon for Fallen From Grace


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